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Posted on 27 Feb 2014 in Blog | Comments Off

You know those annoying squiggly letters and numbers you had to enter to buy a ticket on Ticketmaster?  Well they will soon be a thing of the past.

These were actually a security measure to tell a computer from a human:  in other words they blocked “bots”, automated computer programmes that some people used (illegally) to buy tickets automatically before real fans had a chance.

Ticketmaster customers in Ireland will now be presented with phrases, questions or ads instead of the normal, hard-to-read mix of characters that needed o be deciphered before proceeding with a ticket purchase.

The new system – devised by Solve Media – has been in use in the United States since last year and is now being introduced by Ticketmaster in Ireland.

Brian Mannion, Head of eCommerce, Ticketmaster Ireland, said: “We are constantly working hard to improve the customer’s sales process and delighted to put this new technology in place which will make buying tickets easier.”

Mark Yovich, President of Ticketmaster International, added: “Ticketmaster is passionate about the fan experience and we are always looking at how we can make buying tickets a better and fairer experience for our customers.”

Watch out for other innovations coming from Ticketmaster in the near future.

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