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Posted on 07 Jul 2014 in Blog | 0 comments

Anyone who cares about Dublin, or the environment, must be appalled at the resurfacing work being done by Dublin City Council in Grafton Street.

The old red brick and granite slabs had become tired and tattered after suffering from millions feet tramping up and down them over many years.

So a wise decision by the City Council then to give the famous street a new look.

Only the new look looks worse than the old one!

When the first granite slabs went in it was immediately noticed by shopkeepers and others that they stained easily and badly.

But the Council reassured everyone that it was early days and that the slabs would be self-cleaning and look grant in the end.

Well the end is nigh and the result is looking pretty bad.

The street surface now looks shoddy and badly stained, certainly not anything like a new, experience surface should look.

Unless the Corpo is going to give it a giant hosing went it’s all complete and add a bit of polish as well!

Somehow I don’t think so and we are going to be left with a dirty, embarrassing street for some time to come.